Building on previous successes, Transfer Consultancy will organise also in 2017 several trade missions to Spain, Portugal, France, Latin America and Canada. These missions form an excellent opportunity for your company to discover specific market opportunities and potential partners at relatively low cost. Our trade missions typically combine 10 to 15 companies in a related sector, however they can never be direct competitors.

Month Country Sector Details
March 26 - April 1 Canada GMV  Agri/Food Tech  
May 15-20 Brazil Life Science & Health  
May 23-24 France Sport (infrastructure)  
June 20-21 France Offshore wind In cooperation with Cleantech Holland and FME
Canada Health Innovations, 'Resilient Cities', Agriculture  
October 10-12 Portugal Sustainable energy & Environmental technology, Airport & Aerospace Parallel to royal state visit
January 10-13 
Cuba Tourism, Health, Water/Maritime, Agro food / Horticulture, Logistics and Sustainable Energy   
March 14-18 
Bolivia and Peru   Gas  
April, 18-22 Colombia  Design, Architecture & Urban Development & Bicycle Industrie  
April/May  the Netherlands Incoming mission from Colombia ICZM/Building with Nature & Dredging  
October 17-20 Brazil Canadian mission to Brazil / ICT - Futurecom  
October 31 - November 9  New-Zealand  Dutch State mission to Australia and New-Zealand, parallel to official visit Dutch King and Queen to both countries  
Coming up  Spain Environmental technology
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   Brazil Infrastructure
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   France Agro technology
Oil and Gas
Multisectoral (Bio)Food
Diet products, Fashion &
Retail, Non-food Retail,
DIY retail, Agro & Dairy, Consumer ICT /Gaming)
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   Mexico Metal
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The big advantage for each participating company is the combined scale, resulting in accessible research costs and a highly focused sectoral approach. In addition, we try to organize our missions around important local trade fairs, thereby guaranteeing a successful insight into the market, competitors and potential distributors/agents. Interested? E-mail us.