Call for external experts on Carbon Management to participate in LIFE project

01.08.2012 By: Transfer Consultancy

Applicants interested in providing consulting services in the regions of Aragón and Castilla y León, for European LIFE + project called "Operation CO2" are invited to send their proposals.

This project is within the framework of the LIFE+ program of the European Union. The main objective is to demonstrate the viability of the development of forestry and agroforestry projects in Europe focusing on Carbon sequestration.

These projects will contribute significantly in the fight against Climate change. This has not yet been developed in the EU. During the project's lifetime, we intend to demonstrate the feasibility of: a) active nature conservation and carbon management and b) integrated agroforestry practices. Both with new methods that are economically and technical interesting in three different regions of Spain and with a multinational team of 9 partners of 3 member states (Spain, Netherlands, United Kingdom).

The first pillar of this project is to promote conservation through active forest and carbon management of a large natural forest in Catalonia, resulting in the certification of carbon credits and their consequent release on the Voluntary Carbon Offsets market.

The second pillar involves the transformation of degraded areas into integral agroforestry systems. The project will be developed in two different regions (Castilla y León and Aragón) of aprox. 25 ha. each. The methodology will include the application of specific mycorrhizal, cover crops, crop rotation and other applications to enhance its sustainability.

This project will demonstrate the economic feasibility of forest conservation and agroforestry practices in Europa to promote the development of a green economy.

Tecnical expert requirements:

  • Consultant / Engineer (Agronomist or Forestry), 5 years of experience in carbon management, nature conservation and/or agroforestry practices
  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Flexibility to travel
  • Competences in developing new (carbon) methodologies, planning of active forest management and agroforestry practices, control and monitoring 
  • Availability for part time services during 5 years [1 Sept 2012 to 31 Aug 2017]

In case of interest please send your CV, cover letter and budget to our office in Barcelona at the attention of Sven Kallen. For more information you can call the number in the link.