Flexible trade mission Latin America: Explore your possibilities in undiscovered Latin America!

25.03.2013 By: TRANSFER Consultancy

Latin America is reaching economic heights. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and the number of foreign companies successfully operating in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile is growing by the day. Often trade missions or other export promotion activities are fundamental to this success.

However, there is so much more. Countries such as Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Costa Rica together account for nearly 200 million inhabitants. These markets are classified as ‘promising’, because of:

  • a relatively good investment climate
  • appropriate economic policies and financial sector
  • a rapidly growing middle class
  • a relatively young population and
  • (with some exceptions) a stable political situation.

These are important ingredients for sustainable economic growth and thus an interesting target for foreign exports. These smaller economies might not be eligible for the large-scale trade missions with dignitaries such as organized to Brazil. However the number of foreign exporters proactively looking for further expansion on the continent - next to the big 5 (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Chile) - is growing fast. Peru is interesting for exporters of all kinds of agricultural technology, Panama is on all lists of infrastructure and logistics specialists, Venezuela remains interesting for suppliers to the oil & gas sector, Ecuador is emerging as the next destination for greenhouse builders, etc.

To respond to this growing interest Transfer introduces ‘the flexible trade mission’, applying the well-known motto: You ask, we deliver! Are you interested? We ask you to specify which country and which industry you would like to target and which period would be most suitable. Are you ready? We ensure that a complete customized programme with 4-6 appointments with potential partners / customers will be waiting for you!

Applies to the following countries:
Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and
Costa Rica.
year round (at any moment in your agenda)
Number of appointments per country:
4-6 with potential partners / customers (based on extensive intake)
Rate per country:
2,500 euros (excl. VAT)
Please contact us to register