How to Negotiate with a Brazilian

07.08.2013 By: Brendan Anson, The Brazilian Business

Source: general consensus is that Brazilians are warm, friendly and diplomatic people, which is true. However, these characteristics don’t necessarily translate into easy negotiations. Brazilians are smart, clever and tactful deal makers. Study the people, know their history, and understand their culture before entering into negotiations. 

Importance of cultural knowledge

It is important to learn and know as much as possible about the country. The greater knowledge about Brazil translates into earning greater respect from Brazilians. It is essential to learn a few basic things about Brazil to avoid portraying the typical ignorant gringo.

The people
Knowledge of how Brazilians behave in meetings and negotiations will help reduce the risk of being offended or becoming frustrated. The pace and punctuality in Brazil is slower than in the U.S. or the U.K.

Negotiations can be difficult with language and cultural barriers. Once the legwork has been done it is key to not blow the deal at the negotiation table. 

The right historical and cultural research can go a long way to improving negotiations with Brazilians. The greater the knowledge of the people means the greater the chances of success. Keep an eye out for dead ends and make sure to develop the personal relationships with Brazilian counterparts as much as possible. Personal references down the road are invaluable business resources in Brazil.

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