CBI supports Central American companies on their way to the European market

26.08.2013 By: Rebecca Hanser, Transfer LBC

Source: CBI Ministry of Foreign AffairsAs part of the Agro-food Export program the Centre for Promotion of Import from Developing Countries (CBI) coaches and guides Central American companies from the vegetables-and fruit sector in October 2013 with their first steps toward the European market.
Sunday the 13th until Saturday the 18th October the CBI organizes several networking activities in Madrid, which include Fruit Attraction and Mercamadrid. The main objective is to give thirty Central American enterprises –from Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras– predominantly from the vegetables- and fruit sector, the opportunity to become familiar and gain knowledge on the European market as well as being able to profile and position themselves in order to attract clients.

During this week several company visits will take place and the Central American countries will assist training sessions, seminars and inspiring presentations. Examples of such themes are: how to write an effective export marketing plan to profile and position companies in the different European niche markets? Which channels and strategies are most suitable? How can you efficiently apply social media? And not entirely dispensable is a session on cultural differences in business and communication. Because entering the European market also means breaking down a cultural barrier.

Transfer Latin Business Consultancy has been approached to take on the organization of some of collective visits.

Through the Agro-food Export program with duration of 4 years CBI provides the aforementioned companies with 23 million euros in order to stimulate export and consequently improve their economic independence and competitive position on the European market. For more information on the program or CBI, please click here.

If you are interested to know more about these companies, please feel free to contact either Elise van der Ven – Consultant Transfer or Femke de Jong – Program Manager Central America CBI. 
Source: CBI Ministry of Foreign Affairs