HEMA Beauty opens store in France

05.09.2013 By: Transfer LBC (source: nu.nl)

After the successful launch of the first two standalone beauty shops in Haarlem and Amsterdam last year, the Dutch retailer HEMA has now decided to enter the French market. On Wednesday 4th September the first foreign HEMA Beauty opened its doors in the shopping centre Belle Epine close to Paris.

The French HEMA Beauty contains a surface of 60m2 shopping experience and provides its customers with a large range of make-up and a diverse set of skin- and hair products. Additionally, HEMA Beauty aspires to serve its customers with inspiration and personal advice.

With the launch of the first French HEMA Beauty shop, HEMA already owns 21 stores in France, according to Ronald van Zetten, CEO HEMA. The launch of the third HEMA Beauty shop fits HEMA´s current strategy to focus more on their international expansion and to grow the number of smaller HEMA stores as well as specialty shops, such as HEMA Beauty. According to van Zetten there is still more to come for HEMA´s expansion. In the future HEMA wants to be present in every important French city.