Meeting Ecuador Petrochemical – Gas / Oil on December 17th in Zoetermeer

25.11.2013 By: ProEcuador

Ecuadorian Government looking
for strategic cooperation and new developments in the sector

Dutch companies active in the Petrochemical / Gas & Oil sector are welcome to this free event that will take place on December 17th at the FME in Zoetermeer. This meeting will take place from 10:00 to 13:30 and will be dedicated to explore and learn about the new Petrochemical Refinery Pacifico Eloy Alfaro, under construction in Manabi Ecuador, with a presentation and tips from the Director of Proecuador. Later a lunch will be served with the presence and participation of the Ambassador of Ecuador.

When:            Tuesday December 17th from 10.00-13.30
Where:           FME (Boerhaavelaan 40, 2713 HX Zoetermeer, Tel +31(0)79 353 1100)
Wie:               ProEcuador, with FME and Transfer       
Wat:               Meeting about Dutch opportunities Petrochemistry sector in Ecuador
Programme:  Click here
Aanmelden:   Free, sign in on bottom of this page


  • Ecuador’s growth rate since 2000 has been 5.5 percent, second only to Peru (7 percent).
  • Ecuador is the second fastest economy in the Andean region.
  • The best opportunities to invest in Ecuador lie in sectors like electricity, hydrocarbons and mining.
  • Ecuador is substantially dependent on its petroleum resources, which have accounted for more than half of the country's export earnings and approximately two-fifths of public sector revenues in recent years.
  • Ecuador is a dollarized economy since 1998.
  • Main exports $23.77 billion (2012): petroleum, bananas, cut flowers, shrimp, cacao, coffee, wood, fish.
  • Ecuador is building 8 hydroelectrically plants which allow the country to export energy in 2016.
  • Ecuador has invested 8billion usd in road infrastructure and now will invest 3 billion USD in 8 freeways projects in the nest four years.
  • Refinery del Pacifico is the biggest public investment project in Ecuador´s history estimating a 13 billion USD investment.



The Government of the Republic of Ecuador has undertaken a responsible path in the process for the exploitation of natural non-renewable resources, that will ensure for future generations a healthy and adequate environment for the good living of its inhabitants; that is, without inhibiting itself from a rational exploitation to generate economic resources that can be invested in social development, for the welfare of its people.

The Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador considers that energy in all of its forms, telecommunications, natural non-renewable resources, hydrocarbons, biodiversity, genetic heritage, the radioelectric spectrum and water, amongst other, constitute the strategic resources of a nation.

In this line, the Government of Ecuador strives to efficiently exploit its energy resources by promoting the exploration of new oil and gas ¬fields, as well as investment in the refi¬ning of crudes, with the objective of guaranteeing autonomy in the consumption of derivates.

One of the pillars of the new development strategy is the construction and management of the Petrochemical Refinery del Pacifico Eloy Alfaro located in the coastal province of Manabi, house of the second port of Ecuador.

A 13USD Billion project, currently under construction, was designed by the South Korean-based SK Engineering & Construction Co.. It’s expected to enter into operations by 2017. The refinery and petrochemical plant would be Ecuador’s first facility for processing crude oil into petroleum derivatives (high and low octane fuels, diesel, lubricants, polipropilene, benzene, xylene, alcohol).

The project contemplates the design and construction of a refi¬nery with a processing capacity of 300.000 barrels of crude oil per day, with a deep conversion technology, required for the production of gasoline, diesel, LPG and petrochemical currents. Additionally, it contemplates facilities for the supply of electric energy, water, crude oil and the transport of products and marine installations. Furthermore, the refi¬nery must generate all of the electric power it needs, and will contribute with approximately 115 MW of electricity to the electric network connected to the National Interconnected System.

With the refinery a petrochemical park and a pull of basic industries will emerge as driving force to supply services and byproducts to the local and regional market.


Come to this free meeting and discover business opportunities in Ecuador. Do you have questions? Please contact:

Tel: +31 10 205 3242

Transfer Consultancy:
Tel: +31 10 478 0760

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