Starting 2014 with a tour in Holland

17.01.2014 By: Transfer LBC

In January the team of Transfer LBC (Barcelona) has conducted a tour of visits to several Dutch companies. The tour began Rotterdam where partners Transfer Barcelona and Transfer Rotterdam were reunited and celebrated the recently approved projects approved of both offices. Transfer Rotterdam runs trade missions in Colombia, Transfer Paris several new missions in France and Transfer Barcelona initiates market studies in Central America and has recently won 2 new LIFE+ projects. 

Continuing the tour visits in Wageningen, Transfer Barcelona visited the company Phytonext B.V. which provides optimization services of food and special packaging in order to make fresh products more durable.

In Almere, they visited the company AlgaSpring B.V., specializing in the production of algae for human and animal consumption and for the pharmaceutical market.








Finally , the tour ended with a company visit at Dutch Cups B.V. in Lelystad, a manufacturer and distributor of reusable cups and glasses. Transfer opens the doors for these companies into the Spanish market.