Transfer LBC protects old growth Mediterranean forest to balance its carbon emissions

17.02.2014 By: Transfer LBC

Transfer LBC is involved in a number of EU Environmental programs with a positive impact on its carbon footprint. Last Tuesday this compromise was taken a step further through a donation to the program of Compensa Natura whereby the company voluntarily contributes to the preservation of old growth Mediterranean forest in Spain. With this donation Transfer LBC assumes its responsibility of making a real positive impact on the world’s natural resources. Furthermore, it offers Transfer LBC the opportunity to contribute to the fight against climate change and excess CO² emissions as the compensation for land cover and emissions complement one another.

The program
Compensa Natura is an initiative developed by the Spanish NGO Acciónatura with the purpose of protecting the threatened wildlife habitats in what is considered to be one of the most biodiverse regions on Earth (“Mediterranean Basin”). Compensa Natura proposes that civil society and organizations should compensate for their occupation and covering up of land as a result of the construction of buildings and other infrastructure. The paving over the soil leads to a loss of the basic services provided by the ecosystem, like the habitat for local flora and fauna, production of food, the circulation of nutrients and the decomposition of organic material.










The old growth Mediterranean forest
Currently the Autonomous Community in Catalonia have determined that there are less than 207 identified “old growth forests”, which, by themselves, represent only 0,17% of the whole forested area in Catalonia. The old growth forest has evolved naturally over decades and nowadays possesses a key role for biodiversity, acting as refuge and providing food for a myriad of species, especially fungus, insects and vertebrates.

For more information of the program, please contact or the initiators