Kick-off trade mission to Colombia

06.03.2014 By: TRANSFER LBC

On Thursday February the 27th 2014, a kick-off meeting was held at the National Office of Dutch Entrepreneurs (RVO) in The Hague. This was the official start of a trade mission for starting entrepreneurs to Colombia. The ambassador of Colombia, Mr. Eduardo Pizarro Leongómez personally attended the event. He provided the participants of the trade mission with some interesting insights about his country, and informed them about the aspects that make Colombia an attractive country for the foreign business community.

The event was perfectly coordinated by Jessie Brockhoff from HandelsRoute, who gave all the attending parties the opportunity to speak up their mind and mingle in the discussion, amongst others, about International Corporate Social Responsibility (MVO). The topic was discussed by CNV, an organization that together with progressive SMEs and experts from different sectors looks for innovative and socially responsible ways of doing business in developing countries.

The National Office of Dutch Entrepreneurs touched upon another important aspect, namely the subsidies and financing aspects for companies doing business with emerging countries, such as Colombia. This included some interesting information as this mission (held from 9-14 March 2014) is organized as a part of an initiative of Starters International Business - Go Abroad, Well Prepared (SIB) and the Transition Facility Colombia. Gerald Baal from Transfer LBC concluded the morning and the preparations of the trade mission to Colombia with some practical tips for successfully conducting business in Colombia.

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