LIFE+ The Green Deserts Project Summary

By: Transfer LBC

The Green Deserts is an ambitious reforstation project on 63 hectares in 5 different Spanish provinces (Valladolid, Leon, Zamora, Zaragoza and Barcelona). It has a major research component using highly innovative technology that enables it to operate without irrigation. 

All areas included in the project are different because of their:

  • Climates
  • Soil type
  • Altitude
  • Current use (disuse, ski area, uso actual, burned forest, agriculture)
  • Indigenous trees

The common element to all areas is that they are arid

The implementation of this project will provide data to prove the suitability of this technology in response to the current problems of reforestation (need for continuous irrigation, low survival, high cost, etc.) and the impact of climate change on rural and vulnerable areas in Spain. Implementing the Green Deserts project means advancing not only to greater reforestation in Spain, but also to the creation of small industries and local employment. This will contribute to the establishment and consolidation of a "green economy", one of the priorities of growth currently driven by the Spanish Government.

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