LIFE+ Operation CO2 Project Summary

By: Transfer LBC

The project uses new technically and economically viable methodologies in the three different regions of Spain. In addition, the multinational team consists of a nine members of three different member states of the European Union (Spain, Netherlands, and United Kingdom).

The common denominator of both pillars is to obtain carbon credits.

The first pillar of this project will promote conservation through active forest management and carbon sequestration in natural forests, thus obtaining the certification of carbon credits and which will consequently lead to the release to the voluntary market of carbon offsets. The project partner, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, will participate in the project by providing 4,500 ha. of managed forest in Alinyà, Catalonia (Area A).

The second pillar involves the transformation of degraded natural areas in integrated agroforestry ecosystems. In this project two partners will develop the methodology in approximately 25 ha., from which some ha. consist of degraded lands, in principle non-irrigated cropland agroforestry development. The first area is situated in Castilla y Leon and the second area in Aragon (Area B and Area C, respectively). The application of special mycorrhizae, green cover, crop rotation and other techniques will be key elements in the promotion of sustainability.

This project will demonstrate the economic viability through the conservation and management of forest and agroforestry systems in Europe, understanding and the green economy as an alternative for future development.

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