Mexico and Ecuador behind boost of bilateral cooperation

11.03.2014 By: Mexican Government

On March 10th 2014 the president of Mexico, Enriquee Peña Nieto paid an official visit to Ecuador on the invitation of its president Rafael Correa, a country with which Mexico shares "identity, history, culture and the desire for prosperity and social justice".

Since diplomatic relations between the two countries were established in 1837, bilateral relations have developed in a fraternal, friendly manner. This has been motivated by the affinities and aspirations shared by the two nations.

It is almost ten years since a Mexican president paid an official visit to Ecuador. This visit therefore constitutes an ideal occasion to see firsthand the economic, political and institutional changes promoted by President Correa. The aim is to identify actions that will bring Ecuadorians and Mexicans closer together, and thus strengthen their relations in order to promote them in the future.

In the economic sphere, Ecuador and Mexico have the possibility of exploring new investment, cooperation and trade opportunities. Mr Enrique Peña Nieto: "We must take advantage of the economic dynamism Ecuador has shown in recent years, as well as structural reforms Mexico has undertaken to boost its competitiveness and growth prospects."

Ecuador and Mexico have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their trade. Although bilateral trade increased fivefold in the last decade, registering a value of $1.032 billion USD in 2013, there is still a great deal of scope to increase the business relations in a balanced way. Enrique Peña Nieto: "We must also take advantage of the mutually beneficial opportunities provided by Mexican productive investment in Ecuador."

"In terms of educational and cultural cooperation, I welcome the fact that during this visit, an agreement was signed between various Mexican academic institutions and the Yachay public company. This agreement seeks to contribute to the City of Knowledge, promoted by the government of Ecuador, as part of the ambitious higher education reform."

The participation of the two countries in multilateral fora and mechanisms such as the UN, OAS and CELAC is an opportunity to jointly influence the shaping of a more prosperous and equitable international order. It is therefore important that both governments continue their commitment to an ongoing dialogue at these forums to help build consensus and create solutions to the challenges facing their region.

"This visit undoubtedly confirms the bonds of friendship between Ecuador and Mexico. It is also an important step towards exploring new forms of cooperation, creating more and more balanced trade, providing certainty for our mutual investments and continuing to strengthen our educational cooperation and achieving greater shared prosperity for our peoples. For all these reasons, it is a pleasure to be in Ecuador."

This article is based on the President's words himself.