Latin America Expected to Be Highest Growing Mobile Games Market by 2017


The gaming industry is booming, with worldwide revenues of over US$ 57 billion expected for 2014. According to Applift & Newzoo, mobile games will generate 27% of the total games market, with Latin America expected to be the highest growing mobile games market with 50% CAGR by 2017. Latin America has grown 60% since last year and reached US$ 501 million. The continent is forcasted to grow with a CAGR of 50% towards 2017.

Asia Pacific remains by far the largest market in terms of overall revenues, generating US$ 12.2 billion this year. This is followed by North America with US$ 4.9 billion and Western Europe with US$ 3.2 billion.

In terms of monetization, Latin America shows good growth in the average spend per paying mobile gamer per month, with $0.74 in 2014 vs. $0.52 in 2013. Although this figure remains low, the region also offers low cost of acquisition per player, with an average Cost Per Install (CPI) of $1.51 / $0.76 for Brazil and Mexico, and $1.17 / $0.45 for the other countries, on iOS and Android respectively.

Overall, the most attractive markets for mobile games publishers are currently North America (for its monetization appeal), Latin America (for its growth potential) and Asia Pacific (for its market size).