Mission to France Offshore wind again remarkably successful

08.01.2015 By: TRANSFER

Last October another trade mission to France for the offshore wind sector took place. Transfer, FME and the Dutch embassy in Paris joined forces again after a previous successful collaboration in 2012. The result: A large Dutch representation of companies active in the wind sector travelled to France on October 21st, with the mission to explore the French market and to present their services and products to major French parties.

The Dutch expertise in the field of offshore wind energy is known and acclaimed worldwide and offers possibilities for the French market, which gave this mission a significant importance. The Dutch delegation of 10 companies got introduced to more than 25 French players in the sector.

The mission began literally offshore with a dinner during a boat trip on the Seine, where the participants were given the opportunity to make the first contacts. During this trip Mr. Rogier Blokdijk, Program Manager of the FME, and Mr. Gerald Baal, coordinator of the whole project and CEO of Transfer LBC, took the opportunity to welcome all participants.

The next morning the mission continued in the residence of the Dutch ambassador in Paris, Mr. Ed Kronenburg. The delegation was warmly received by Mr. Huub Buise, Trade and Economic Advisor to the Dutch Embassy in Paris. The program began with an introduction of the EDF by Mr Laurent Smagghe (Relations with Industry Offshore Wind at EDF EN) and the Secretary Maritime Activities, Mr. Michel Benoit. After their introductions a presentation by Mr. Rogier Blokdijk, Programme Manager and Project Manager of FME followed.
After the introductions, the presentation and an informal lunch together all participants were enthusiastically received by members of EDF for individual appointments and were given the opportunity to spar about possibilities of cooperation. This intense first day ended with a relaxing cocktail and words of thanks by Mr. Blokdijk.

The second day of the mission was persecuted in Caen on the northwest coast of France, an important area for French offshore wind energy developments. In fact, the coasts of Normandy and Brittany, close to England, were first selected in the French government plans for the construction of wind farms. The journey began at ‘La Miriade’ a crucible of scientific, industrial, economic and social innovation. After the information about the Normandy area and upcoming offshore wind projects on the coast and in the port area, it was time for the introduction of leading players in the French offshore wind energy sector: Ports Normands Associés (PNA), West Normandy Marine Energy (WMNE) and the French Chamber of Commerce, shared their know-how with the Dutch delegation.

After a break in which the information was processed, intensive B2B meetings between the French and Dutch companies in the sector followed. These meetings were crucial for both parties, because Dutch companies had been able to specify the French projects they showed particular interest in before leaving for France (and which French parties are involved in these projects). Therefore both parties could immediately start to discuss possible partnerships and alliances. And indeed the appointments resulted in second appointments to discuss further details. A lunch buffet closed the session of the "rendezvous".

During the week there were several successful deals, which made the trade mission fruitful and very positive. The French offshore wind energy sector was very open about developments in the market and French parties of high importance were seriously interested in the Dutch know-how. This mission has been a platform for future cooperation and also the first contracts have been signed.

In the first quarter of 2015 a new offshore wind mission will take place in France, this time in collaboration with GDF Suez. If you are interested in receiving more information, please let us know via info@transfer-lbc.com