Partner Selection

The 2nd part of Transfer's effective approach concerns the selection of an adequate trade partner to set up long lasting business relations.

Your problem:

  • I received an order but how do I get my products at the buyer's address?
  • How do I find the right partner with not only sufficient product knowledge, but who's also commercially up to speed?
  • I already have an agent/distributor in the country, but I expected my sales to grow faster. Do I work with the right partner?
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Our solution:

  • We will recommend you 3-5 potential partners who not only comply with your requirements but have been rigorously cross-checked for their capacity and market reputation
  • Our selection method either prompts one best partner for the entire country, or we recommend a partner for each important economic region
  • Transfer can organise a 1 week visiting program in which you will be able to meet the several potential partners and buyers after which you yourself decide on which partner is most adequate to guarantee a quick market entry