Technology for nature restoration wins €500,000


Jurriaan Ruys (47), co-founder of the Dutch start-up Land Life Company, is the winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2015. Organised by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, this is the largest annual international competition in the field of sustainability innovation.









An international jury, chaired by Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA Group, awarded Jurriaan Ruys of Land Life Company €500,000 to further develop his green product or service and bring it to market. The runner-up prize of €200,000 goes to Ryan Pandya (23) of Muufri from the United States.

Jurriaan Ruys won the jury over with his technology for nature restoration. Trees sequester CO2. Afforestation of dryland – 45 % of the earth’s land surface – is a key weapon against climate change. But many dryland soils have been degraded by deforestation and mismanagement, so new trees often don’t survive. This biodegradable Cocoon incubator helps by providing seedlings with water and shelter and then decomposing into substrate and nutrients for the tree. No irrigation or maintenance is needed.

 Jurriaan Ruys went up against four other green start-ups today: Cornelis de Vet (Fleet Cleaner) from the Netherlands, Stacy Flynn (Evrnu) and Ryan Pandya (Muufri) from the United States and Rodrigo Garcia González (Ooho!) from the United Kingdom.

 Jurriaan Ruys, co-founder of start-up: "Fantastic! With this prize money we can realize large-scale demonstration projects in Mexico, Spain and California. With these demonstration projects we can showcase how to effectively restore the natural environment and inspire world leaders to follow our example on a large scale."

Runner-up prize for cow-free milk
Ryan Pandya of Muufri is awarded the runner-up prize of €200,000 by the jury. Muufri makes milk without using cows. The company has identified the proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in milk and is developing a blending process that could replace factory farming. A preliminary life-cycle assessment indicates that Muufri’s technique generates 35 to 65 % fewer greenhouse gas emissions than dairy farming. It also requires much less energy, water and land – and, of course, no animals.

International jury of experts
Steve Howard, chairman of this year’s international jury: “It is inspiring to see how these green entrepreneurs are contributing to a better world. The business plans presented here today are unique, creative and forward thinking. All of these ideas have potential for business success and to go to scale - which is the only way we are going to tackle CO2 emissions. This is the century of the Green Entrepreneur and the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is everyone's challenge and everyone's opportunity.”

271 submissions from across the globe
For the ninth edition of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, the Dutch Postcode Lottery seeks to support innovative products or services that reduce CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases. The competition focusses on beginning, innovative and creative entrepreneurs and strives to see that ground-breaking sustainability solutions actually get developed and make it to market. It is the largest annual international competition in the field of sustainability innovation. This year 271 green entrepreneurs from 56 countries submitted a green business plan.