The Netherlands took over the EU presidency

14.01.2016 By: Sources : Rfi, France Info, Deutsche Welle, Info arte

Succeeding Luxembourg, the Netherlands have been handed the keys of the EU presidency on January 1st 2016. With a wealth of experience, the Dutch kingdom was assigned with this function for the 12th time in its history and declares being ready to revive a weakened Europe of 28. Migration crisis, fight against terrorism, resurgent nationalism and euro scepticism, all against a backdrop of a feverish economy, make these next 6 months a real challenge for the Netherlands.

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker declared in December he was under "no illusions" for 2016 and for the resolution of all crises in Europe.

To address this challenge, the Kingdom of the Netherlands clearly proclaims its ambitions:

  • A "connected union" strengthening solidarity between citizens, civil society organizations, and the European Union.
  • A common policy in terms of border control, asylum and migration policy to cope with this crisis and to better manage migration flows.
  • A competitive European Union by boosting innovation and job creation by stimulating entrepreneurs, services and research, while protecting workers from exploitation and unfair competition.
  • A stable and strong Europe by completing major reforms initiated to ensure healthy budgets.
  • A sustainable climate and energy policy to sustain the momentum of the COP21. Anoperating cycle and recycling of all resources (including waste) is recommended.

    Despite pessimistic perspectives and these many obstacles, the Netherlands appear to be motivated and determined to carry out this mission. The program and news of the presidency are available in detail on the official website of the 2016 presidency by clicking here.