Newsletter Quarter 3 - 2006


Of course we had hoped to inform you about a confrontation between the Netherlands and Argentina respectively Brazil in the semi-final and final. However a clash between the two most important Latin American football nations in the final in Berlin is still possible. For now, we will stick to our traditional round-up of interesting news from our markets of focus, which you will find in our quarterly newsletter following this LINK.

This edition's top stories include:


  • Transfer news: Trade mission Environmental Technologies Brazil
  • Transfer news: Seminar "Business in Latin America" 30 June


  • Spain: euro 1.013 mln for fishing industry
  • Spain: full of millionairs
  • Portugal: World's biggest plant of solar energy
  • Portugal: IKEA chooses Portugal for new plant
  • France: GDF (not) to merge with Suez
  • France: Axa buys Winterthur
  • Latin America: Road to the Pacific
  • Latin America: Real estate boom & Property Opportunity in Argentina
  • Argentina: Changes pharmaceutical market
  • Brazil: World leader ethanol
  • Chile: Rabobank buys CO2
  • Mexico: Aegon with Seguros Argos
  • Mexico: latest on Presidential Elections

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