Newsletter Q2 - 2007


Winter has gone by almost unnoticed in Western Europe, unlike the events in the Latin markets. Spring brings another fresh newsletter packed with information about the opportunities these markets can bring you. Under the following LINK you will find information about the way that several countries are working on a cleaner environment, interesting French sectors and why IT companies should out-source to Argentina. Furthermore we will provide you with hot news from Spain, where the automotive mission has just reached its gran finale.

After the trade mission in Spain, the next destination will be Mexico. Several sectors will be visited in Mexico City and Monterrey, the two main business capitals of the country. Find out more about this and other upcoming missions in our agenda or mail us at the below address.

In addition, in this newsletter you can learn more from recent issues such as: 

  • Spain: Three days to start your company
  • Spain: Barcelona takes lead in solar power
  • Portugal: Lisbon becoming more and more popular
  • Portugal: Forming mutual gas plan with Spain
  • France: Sectors that demand attention
  • France: What will the elections bring?
  • Argentina: In need of trained employees
  • Argentina: Opportunity lies in IT-outsourcing
  • Brazil: TNT buys Mercúrio Express
  • Brazil: 2 million cars run on alcohol
  • Chile: New destination for foreign investments
  • Chile: Paying attention to the environment
  • Mexico: Opportunities for foreign recycling companies
  • Mexico: Rise in food price due to demand for bio fuels

On behalf of the Transfer-team, we wish you once again an enjoyable read, and very good Easter holidays!

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