Transfer Iberia

Our local offices provide services for both local and foreign companies interested in expanding their business. In order to be of even better use to our clients we have expanded our network with Transfer Iberia. Thanks to our experienced team managed by our associate Sven Kallen, you are assured of a continuous support in accessing the Iberian markets, maintaining contact with suppliers, distributors, agents and buyers. Additionally your company and your contacts will profit from locally based intermediates to facilitate doing business in Spain and Portugal.

Transfer Iberia can provide a complete package of support services for (starting) companies in Spain or Portugal;

  • Solid information about the market and suitable business partners
  • Fully organised trade missions based on individual matchmaking, fit to the specific needs of your company
  • Adequate follow-up and direct support with the sales and distribution of your product
  • An intermediary or local representation for yourself, your local clients and partners
  • Consultants at your disposal with excellent knowledge of the local language (Portuguese and Spanish), markets and culture
  • Set up of the most suitable legal entity for your company abroad
  • Legal & accountancy support for your international business in close cooperation with local experts
  • Assistance in finding office space and accommodation as well as other local information that can be of value to your company
  • Access to our vast network of local contacts


Would you like to receive more information about the market opportunities for your company? Please contact Mr Sven Kallen at our Iberia office or Ms Evelijn Hartvelt at our Benelux office in the Netherlands.

Transfer Iberia
Pau Claris 172, 2o-2a-A
E-08037 Barcelona
T: +34-93-272 47 90
F: +34-93-272 47 91

Transfer Benelux
Puntegaalstraat 271
3024 EB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
T: +31 10 478 07 60
F: +31 10 478 07 10