Spain with more than 45 million inhabitants forms one of Europe's largest consumer markets, and with a GDP approaching that of the leading West European economies. The gap has been closed at a rapid pace in the period 1995-2006 with higher than average EU growth figures. It was part of the first group of countries qualifying for the European single currency on 1 January 1999 and voted overwhelmingly in favour of the European Constitution in 2005.

The financial crisis during 2008-2013 has had a strong impact on the country and especially high unemployement is an issue. The Spanish economy is now recuperating and the government is interested in attracting new foreign investment to further modernise the economy. It has created new regulations for investment and foreign exchange to make the country more attractive to investors. Foreign investment has played a large part in modernising Spain's economy over the past 40 years. Strong market opportunities exist in sectors like automotive, renewable energy, environmental technology, infrastructure and construction, retail, care for the elderly and services.

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