‘…..foreign investors value the professional skills of French employees, the high level of R&D conscience, interest in new technologies, and control over the production costs…’

The French Republic is the fifth largest economy worldwide and second largest within Europe, when measured by GDP.

The country has a considerable trade surplus and around 65% of export goes to countries within the European Union. Most important trade partners are Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Outside of the EU, most export goes to the United States, but international trade with countries like China, Japan, Russia and Algeria are also becoming increasingly important to the French economy.

Furthermore, on an international scale France takes fourth place when it comes to foreign direct investments. At the same time the country is the most important European producer and exporter of food products.

Other important sectors are: transport, telecommunications, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, banking, insurance, tourism and fashion and luxury items. An important pillar within the French industry is the development and export of the new Airbus airplanes and Eurocopter helicopters.

Interesting market opportunities

  • Within the French economy, business opportunities for European and Latin American companies are to be found in aeronautics, sustainable construction, medical care and care for the elderly, automotive sector, environmental technology, biotechnology, clean energy sources and the supply to the infrastructural sector.
  • Furthermore, interesting opportunities exist for innovative products that show a clear added value for the retail sector, both food and non-food.

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