Argentina, once a major power at the start of the last century, ended that same century in less flourishing conditions. Even though the hyper inflation of the '80s had been brought under control with an ambitious 1 on 1 fix of the peso and dollar, its cost proved extremely high. The large privatisation scheme initiated by former President Carlos Menem generated corruption scandals and a major part of its proceeds were not allocated to necessary investments in infrastructure, economy and social services. At the end of the 90s the country came into a recession but the early 00s proved a rebounding economy.

Argentina remains the country of vast potential, with an enormous reservoir of natural resources. The outstretched pampas and suitable climate provide for a large production in cattle breeding and agriculture. Thanks to the currency devaluation Argentina is exporting high volumes to neighbouring countries, US and Europe. The privatisations have started a process of modernisation in sectors such as telecommunication, infrastructure and construction which generate interesting market opportunities for foreign companies with a long term perspective.
Maintaining political stability and economic growth will continue to be the main goals for the upcoming period.

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