Case study: Drenth Holland BV

07.08.2008 By: Transfer Consultancy, based on interview Mr. Piet Scholten

Drenth Holland BV
Drenth Holland produces:
• Wire mesh weaving of stainless steel
• Wire mesh weaving of synthetic materials
• Wire mesh weaving of spiral cloth

All the products are woven according to the specifications of the customer. For over 75 years. Drenth Holland is a flexible and client orientated company.

The weaving machines are fully automated and capable of processing a variety of raw materials such as Stainless steel, Phosphor bronze, Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Polyester, Polyamide and Polypropylene.

Customer areas
The Drenth Holland products are utilised in the following industries and specialist areas:
• Paper and cardboard industry
• Cellulose industry
• Chipboard industry
• Chemical and petrochemical industry
• Food industry including dairy products
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Water purification and sediment dehydration
• Internal transport
• Architecture

Export activities
Sales deriving from our export activities make up an aproximately 80% of the total turnover of Drenth Holland. Export activities take place all over the world, for instance, in countries like Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, Iran, Egypt, South-Africa, Argentine, Brazil en the US.

Commercial activities
The commercial activities are managed directly by our director Piet Scholten. This includes visiting potential end customers, agents and distributors in various countries. Common instruments for this kind of acquisition are the trade missions, organized through the Chamber of Commerce, EVD or the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Trade mission with a police escort
The trade mission to France has certainly been a good start to enter the difficult French market. During this mission the quality of the matchmaking program was of great importance.

Result: Various contacts have been established and are at this moment being processed in order to build up initial trade. The same can be told about the trade missions to Argentine and Chile. Some very sound agreements derived from of the mission which will most likely generate an interesting turnover over the coming year.

Spain is one of the most recent visited countries through participation in a trade mission. As with the other trade missions, the matchmaking program has proven itself extremely valuable. When at some point during the trip one address seemed impossible to find, Transfer did all it could in order to provide a good solution. Eventually the client has been reached with a police escort! Such things can happen and add some charm and flavor to trips like these.
The trade mission to Spain immediately resulted in some specific orders. A special type of metal wire mesh consisting of phosphor bronze has been provided to FNMY. This company produces the paper of the Spanish Euro´s, passports and official stamps.

As stated above, the result of a trade mission depends on the quality of the matchmaking program. The participating company needs to provide a certain amount of input, but from then on it all depends on the company that organizes and coordinates the matchmaking program.

Through the participation in various trade missions Drenth Holland has experienced both positive and negative results regarding the matchmaking part of a trade mission. The programs organized and coordinated by Transfer have so far been experienced in a very positive way.

Especially the way Transfer arranged the intakes resulted in the perfect preparation for their back office. The Transfer team could therefore begin their work in an efficient way, leading towards the best possible results. Providing the company with a preliminary midterm report also provided a timely opportunity to adjust or correct the program if necessary.

A trade mission demands a lot of energy from its participants, partly because normal professional activities continue even though being away for business. It´s therefore very pleasant to experience all logistic matters such as the arrangements of flights, transportation, translators etc. were also organized by Transfer in an extremely professional way.

Besides the professional part I would also like to stress that social activities and contact is of great importance during a trade mission. It has to be said that the team of Transfer provided good companionship in the hours around and after the business appointments.

When input, matchmaking and company visits are all successfully completed and all aspects have been discussed over a glass of wine, all work has been done………… NO this is only where it all starts!!

Establishing contacts is one thing, keeping up with them and providing enough support afterwards is another. This aspect of doing business abroad is somewhat underestimated among fellow Dutch business men. Initiating commercial activities abroad, and especially in countries with different cultural aspects, nevertheless demand this to be handled in a good manner. Only effective and persistent attention will result in long term success.

Additional information
All information about our company and products can be found at An email or phone call will always be appreciated; we will do our best in order to share all relevant information with you in order to share our experience with other companies.