Success story: Dutch waste water treatment technology to Spain

03.09.2008 By: Transfer Consultancy - IRC

RCL, a Dutch supplier of environmental technology in the industrial waste water segment, asked Transfer Consultancy to assist its presentation at the University of Alicante at a technology transfer forum organized by IRC Cenemes. The resulting contacts led to a unique project to solve Helados Alacant, the region's largest ice cream manufacturer, of the high fat content in its waste waters. 

After the first contact a series of mutual visits were organized to see the technology at work at Dutch manufacturers of food products with similar type of high fat waste water and odour problems. A contract was signed and RCL's high volume - low cost white water unit was assembled in Holland and transported to Spain. A turn-key project was delivered and after several pretests the installation was ready for its trial.

It was an exciting moment to see the first flocks of broken down fat floating to the surface of the tank. After just 10 minutes a huge amount of sludge was separated from the waste water, saving a lot of energy and cost in the next step of the treatment process.

Transfer was involved in the commercial negotiations and assisted during the installations and training.

Click here for the case study as published by IRC.

Front view of the flotation tank

View of the separated sludge at the top of the tank                                    

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