TRANSFER promotes WaterBoxx


The WaterBoxx is a revolutionairy invention to plant trees without irrigation and let them survive under difficult circumstances. It is the ultimate solution to reforest dry areas and deserts that are not apt for agriculture. In case the product is introduced on a wide scale, it will no doubt prove an important contribution to solving the climate change problem. The trees not only turn CO2 into oxygen, but also create local employment by planting and maintenance, it fights erosion and delivers direct economic return (fruits/food/medicine/wood/biofuels/...).

The Dutch inventor and entrepreneur Pieter Hoff recently won the important Bèta Dragons innovation award with his WaterBoxx, which will be introduced on a global scale to reforest dry areas of the world. The product consists of a plastic cube with a circular opening in the middle in which a small tree is planted in the ground. The Boxx collects rain water and most importantly produces and catches condensed water. The WaterBoxx supplies the collected water over a long period to the centrally planted tree. In this way the young tree is able to grow its roots in such a way that it can grow on by itself. Successful try-outs prove that at least 90% of planted trees survive without irrigation, even in the Sahara desert. The fact that the WaterBoxx can be re-utilized year after year means that the cost price of each planted tree is less than 1 euro. Another advantage is that the sapling is much cheaper as smaller measures can be used. In this way the use of the WaterBoxx is cost neutral.

Transfer Consultancy signed an exclusive contract to promote the WaterBoxx in Spain. Desertification in Spain is growing yearly by an average of 8%. At the same time Spain suffers yearly draughts and many forest fires. The WaterBoxx is an ideal solution to massively replant trees in zones with little water to no rain fall and/or where irrigation is so expensive that it is not economically feasible to plant new trees.

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