Mexico finally catches the wind!


After years of debate and pilots the Mexican wind energy sector gets a big boost in the coming years. An important step concerns the new 10 MW project in the area of La Rumorosa in windy Baja California. This area concerns the second federal state in Mexico where wind is going to be the key factor for energy generation, after other projects already in place in the southern state of Oaxaca.

On January 21th in 2009, the Government of the federal state Baja California announced the tender procedure for a windmill park of 10 Megawatt in the area of La Rumorosa. The company that wins the tender will be concerned with the design of the park, the purchase of generators, construction and start of the windmill park. The venture has to prove a minimum available capital of 100 million pesos (approx. 5,6 million euro) and 40% of the project budget will be paid at the start of the activities. The construction has to be finished within 180 days after assignation.

Financing: the Government of the federal stat Baja California, Mexico.
Tender information:

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