Sector studies Benelux

Transfer Latin Business Consultancy provides insight into various sectors for companies varying in the orientation phase, to companies with specific interest in a particular region, this by means of specific in-depth sector studies.

Interesting sectors in the Benelux:

  • International trade, high technology and services are the main sectors of the Benelux economy.
  • Opportunities in the Netherlands are found in the sectors in which the country has traditionally been a net importer due to internal insufficiencies: a growing scope of agricultural and food products, machinery and transport equipment, (alternative) fuels, and chemicals.
  • Providers of innovative technology or advanced knowledge may contribute to optimize every day more important domains like renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, new building practices and environmental solutions.
  • Both large companies, leaders in their field, and small, high performance companies have already chosen to invest in The Netherlands or Belgium or start an international trade relationship.

If you're interested to obtain a detailed picture of the future trends in a certain sector our advice is to talk to experts to get to understand the potential opportunities in a detailed and thorough report. In the end the prospects and opportunities for your sector vary a lot country by country.

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