Mexico: 50 million euro credit line for environmental projects

10.02.2010 By: Transfer based on EVD

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has an open credit line with the Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior (Bancomext) to finance small and medium-sized environmental projects implemented by private and public sector operators in Mexico. The purpose of the loan is to partly finance small projects aimed at improving or protecting the environment. This also includes projects of sustainable development and environment protection. The credit line has been active since March 2008 but projects have yet to be submitted. The credit line will be open till the end of 2011.

The eligibility criteria for these projects include tackling climate change, promoting sustainable use of natural resources, including water and waste management and renewable energy. Projects are eligible when they are implemented by subsidiaries of EU companies, joint ventures involving EU companies and private Mexican entities or those featuring a high level of transfers of technology or know-how from the EU.

Please contact us for more information on the EIB credit line for environmental projects in Mexico.