Credit lines available to foreign companies set up in Spain

01.04.2010 By: Transfer based on Invest in Spain

Invest in Spain and the Asturian Federation of Business People (FADE) organized a symposium on the financing of investment projects aimed at foreign companies, the purpose of which was to provide information on all public and private credit lines available to foreign companies set up in Spain.

Javier Sanz, Chief Executive of Invest in Spain and Alberto González, Secretary General of FADE participated in the presentation of the symposium, held in the Las Caldas Spa (Oviedo). The symposiums and the guide to Sources of Financing for investors are initiatives set in motion by the State Agency in collaboration with the IEB (Stock Market Studies Institute) and the multinational Indra.

“The current situation of crisis in the economy and international finance presents us with enormous challenges, in public administrations and private companies alike. A contraction in the financial offering is preventing the implementation and development of investment projects that are essential to the recovery of economic growth”, explained Javier Sanz, Chief Executive of Invest in Spain, during the presentation of the Sources of Financing Symposium. “Spain needs foreign companies operating in our country to maintain or expand their activities, and for those that are not present in the country to consider going into business here” he added.

Transfer Consultancy is the official agent of Invest in Spain to promote and facilitate investments of Dutch companies in Spain. Please contact us to get more information on these credit lines available to foreign companies and to arrange your entry in the Spanish market!