Spanish renewable energy infrastructure continues to make great strides

01.04.2010 By: Transfer based on Spains Business USA

Renewable energy infrastructure in Spain continues to make great strides as it pushes towards reaching a targeted 2020 goal of 20 percent of Spain’s energy coming from renewable energy. In 2009, there was a sharp increase in installed wind power of 2,459 megawatts (MW). In 2008, the total amount of accumulated power was 19,149 MW, according to the Wind Power Observatory of the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE).

During the first two months of 2010, 39 percent of electricity was produced through renewable energy sources, and during the month of February new records were established. On February 24, an instantaneous power of 12,916 MW was obtained, the previous record was 12,880 MW.

Gamesa, a world leader wind generator manufacturer, continues to lead the wind turbines market with 34 percent of last year’s installed capacity and 47 percent of the accumulated power. Acciona, another world leader in renewable energy, is the third leader.

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