TRANSFER newsletter Southern-Europe & Latin America (April 2010)

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After Easter break it is time to get back to business again and to look into the future. In this update therefore we bring you some positive news and business opportunities in the countries we are active in. Hopefully you share our positive outlook and rather see opportunities than just obstacles. Think of France´s call for tenders with high investments in renewable energies. Or Brazil's booming economy with its rising foodservice sector. And what about Mexico´s massive investments in developing a more sustainable infrastructure for water and wastewater?

In the first three months of 2010 Transfer Consultancy already organized three successful trade missions, incoming as well as outgoing. A delegation of Mexican environmental decision makers participated in a fact-finding mission to the Netherlands. Dutch companies discovered on site the business opportunities in France's primary horticultural regions. And last week Dutch companies in the construction industry visited Brazil and experienced first-handed the architectural and infrastructural preparations for the Worldcup 2014 and Olympics 2016. Take a look at our agenda for future trade missions and other events, or for more information contact our office in Rotterdam or one of our local offices in Paris, Barcelona or São Paulo.


  • TRANSFER representative of PromoMadrid
  • Waste, water and sanitation in France
  • Latin personal care industry emerges
  • Sharp increase in Spanish wind power
  • Argentina´s biodiesel industry taking off
  • Credit lines for foreign companies in Spain
  • Mexican tender for hydraulic projects
  • Valencia: a City on fire
  • Football Baby Boom Barcelona!

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TRANSFER representative of PromoMadrid

Transfer Consultancy has been appointed as PromoMadrid’s exclusive agent for the Brazilian market and will be responsible for identifying and supporting Brazilian companies interested in establishing themselves in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.

Waste, water and sanitation in France

A full set of regulations and tax incentives in France is due to reduce waste volumes and to increase recycling of household packaging to 75% by 2012 (vs. 60% in 2006). These projects are part of the ‘Grenelle de l’Environnement’ results, the French green deal.

Latin personal care industry emerges

The Latin American market for hair- and skincare products is growing and still seems to have great potential with statistics speaking about an average annual growth of 5.2%. Being the largest market in Latin America and one of the top five cosmetics & personal care markets in the world, Brazil offers immense opportunities for companies around the world.

Sharp increase in Spanish wind power

Renewable energy infrastructure in Spain continues to make great strides as it pushes towards reaching a targeted 2020 goal of 20 percent of Spain’s energy coming from renewable energy. In 2009, there was a sharp increase in installed wind power of 2,459 megawatts (MW).

Argentina’s biodiesel industry taking off

Over the past few years the production of biodiesel in Argentina has increased rapidly. With neighbour Brazil as the world’s ethanol king producing sugarcane-based ethanol, Argentina has been trying to catch-up using its image as the world’s biggest soybean exporter. Its main goal is to reduce its independency on imported diesel and to benefit from one of the major trends in the global alternative energy industry today: the biofuel industry.

Credit lines for foreign companies in Spain

Invest in Spain and the Asturian Federation of Business People (FADE) organized a symposium on the financing of investment projects aimed at foreign companies, the purpose of which was to provide information on all public and private credit lines available to foreign companies set up in Spain.

Mexican tender for hydraulic projects

Mexico's national water authority Conagua presented a series of hydraulic infrastructure projects at a conference in Spain in a move to secure private investment for projects worth up to 2,02 billion euros.

Valencia: a City on fire

1 million visitors, 12.000 kilos of fireworks in just one night, a sudden temperature rise of several degrees, 40 tons of flowers and 7.500 tons of waste. Then spring must have arrived and Valencia is being given over to a carnival of bonfires, fiesta, fireworks and a healthy dose of satire known as Las Fallas, the fires. This festival in honour of Saint Joseph reflects the character of the Mediterranean city: loud, colourful and not afraid to show off.

Football Baby Boom Barcelona!

Barcelona appears to have celebrated the success of their football team Barça last May - with the victories over Real Madrid (a historical 6-2 win) and Chelsea (reaching the Champions League final) - in a very memorial way. Early 2010 the maternity hospitals expected 40% more childbirths than usual. Some more outstanding triumphs of Spanish football clubs and the ageing problem in Spain will be resolved for some generations!