Spanish biotechnology sector growing

28.04.2010 By: Transfer based on Invest in Spain

Around 800 companies are developing biotechnology activities in Spain employing close to 110,000 people, a turnover of more than 27,000 million euros and spending on internal R&D in excess of 376 million. The data reflect inter-annual growth in turnover, number of companies and personnel of nearly 20%, which is clear proof of the potential of the sector and makes Spain the most dynamic country in Europe in this area, behind Ireland.

During the 2000–2008 period, the number of companies working in the biotechnology area grew by 239% and the number of employees increased at an annual rate of 48%. Biotechnology directly and indirectly accounted for 0.8% of Spain’s GDP in 2007.

Spain is the fifth largest European market for the pharmaceutical industry. Numerous pharmaceutical multinationals have located their production plants and Research Centers in the country. It is the fourth largest producer of scientific publications in the biotechnology industry in the EU behind the United Kingdom, Germany and France and can offer a highly skilled and qualified labor force with more than 7,000 biotechnology and biomedicine researchers.

This scenario is very attractive to international companies looking to expand their businesses in Spain and to set up scientific and technological alliances with Spanish companies and institutions. Interested in getting involved in these opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact us!