Organic food market in France will grow annually by almost 10% between 2009-2014

20.05.2010 By: Transfer Consultancy

Datamonitor, a leading business information company specialized in industry analysis, forecasts that the French bio sector is going to keep growing in the coming years. Turnover of products with the AB Label is rising continuously and is expected to reach an estimated 4,2 billion Euros in 2014.

Despite weak overall food consumption (+0,8% in 2012), organic food consumption is expected to grow by 9,9% for the 2009-2014 period. This segment even registered a growth of 12,5% during the previous years, allowing turnover to reach more than 2,6 billion Euros today, against 1,6 billion only in 2005.

Considering the fact that 61% of French people do not wish to pay more for an organic product, the bio sector, with its dropping prices, is expected to benefit from a bright future. Furthermore, future growth is politically promoted and supported by governments and institutions. In 2008, the European Commission launched a campaign for organic farming: "Organic farming: good for nature, good for us."

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