Expanding port of Veracruz offers opportunities

27.05.2010 By: Transfer Consultancy based on EVD/Agentschap NL and US Commercial Service

In 2008 we informed you on the Federal Government's infrastructure investment program for 2007-2012, which outlines some of the areas in which spending will be focused in Mexico during this period. Recently, Mexican authorities announced the expansion plan for one of the strategic projects of this program: the Port of Veracruz.

The Port of Veracruz, located on the Mexican Gulf Coast, develops a large-scale expansion project to expand its efficiency and productivity. The project will take about 15-20 years to be completed and will require investments of over US$ 1.200 million. This includes the construction of new port facilities in the Vergara Bay, just next to the current port location.

In the last 2-3 years, the port of Veracruz has invested in modifying the current facilities to expand general cargo and container capacity and to increase efficiency in all port activities. This includes new facilities for customs and modern gamma ray inspection and detection equipment, security and surveillance systems, expanding berths, building a 13-kilometer bypass for the City of Veracruz, improving railroad access, improving intra-port transit roads and remodeling the administration building. At the same time, private operators have invested in modern equipment and IT systems for their facilities.

Several products and services are expected to have high demand from port authorities and operators, including:

  • CCTV surveillance systems
  • Consulting services for: efficiency in logistics systems, civil protection and safety, financial and statistical planning, waste collection and management, hazardous materials handling, maritime inspection, operations control, designing of refrigerated warehouses
  • Corrosion detection/protection equipment
  • Corrosion protection systems for cars and machinery parked at the port
  • Digital signature systems
  • Equipment for refrigerated warehouses
  • Machinery/equipment maintenance systems
  • Outdoor lighting systems
  • Pollution control systems
  • Pneumatic delivery systems
  • Software for inventory tracking
  • Used mobile railcar movers or Trackmobile
  • Waste and toxic waste management systems

The project represents significant business opportunities for foreign companies offering technology infrastructure solutions. The past years Transfer Consultancy has built a track record in the infrastructure and construction sector by organizing trade missions and conducting individual researchprojects and sector studies. Furthermore we assist foreign companies in the procurement process for public tenders by federal, state or local government agencies in Mexico. Interested in getting involved in these opportunities? Do not hesitate to contact us!