Parc de Collserola witnesses a second day of reforestation with Groasis Waterboxxes

23.12.2010 By: Transfer Consultancy

Hand in hand with the environmental volunteer organization DEPANA, Parc de Collserola had his second day of reforestation in the same weekend. This took place last December 19th when a group of volunteers using the Waterboxxes reforested an area which is known the green lung of the city of Barcelona, more specifically in the zone of la Font de Sta. Eulàlia (close to la plaça Karl Marx, a small valley next to the one of Can Masdeu). The Waterboxx allowed planting several native species - like oaks, as well as it permitted familiarizing the volunteers with it. This Dutch invention significantly increase the survival rate of planted trees ans bushes, even on poor soils rock as in the case of Collserola Park.

This is an initiative to revitalize degraded areas of the park that suffered several fires in recent years, as the one occurred in 2005 when it burned about 8 acres of vegetation that even affected several properties in the area.

To prevent future fires and regenerate the park itself, several groups of environmentalists such as WWF-Adena and DEPANA are carrying out several activities in certain areas of the park.

To learn more about these reforestation activities or how Groasis Waterboxx can help you reforest easily, please contact us.