TRANSFER: Best wishes for 2011 and newsletter Southern-Europe & Latin America (Jan 2011)

Dear reader,

After the economically challenging year 2010 we prefer to look forward to all that 2011 will bring. By means of this newsletter we would like to keep you updated to interesting developments and new market opportunities. Hopefully you made some new year´s resolutions to boost your export activities in the upcoming year.     

In 2011, Transfer Latin Business Consultancy will continue to support companies to effectively enter the Spanish, French, Portuguese and Latin American markets through a successful matchmaking methodology and by providing all necessary local market information. 

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We would like to wish you an very successful export year 2011!

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  • Sky high investments in Brazilian airports
  • Female Argentina winemakers in charge
  • France to lead European Electric Vehicle market
  • Chile spices up recovery
  • Transfer, WWF-Adena and Depana participate in Spanish reforestation project
  • World record Christmas tree 
  • Country files, trade missions & news section

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    Sky high investments in Brazilian airports

    The 2014 World Cup and the Olympics in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro are unique opportunities for Brazil to present itself on the world stage. The airport is the first image of the country that a tourist gets, so in order to leave a good first impression during these events, significant improvements in airports will need to be made.

    Female Argentina winemakers in charge

    Although men are still the majority in the Argentine winemakery business, women are catching up. Susana Balbo, president of the trade group Wines of Argentina, representing 170+ wineries, is one of them. She appears to be to Argentine wine what Martha Stewart is to homemaking and Oprah Winfrey is to media in the United States. She earned a degree in enology in 1981 and has made wines on four continents. Together with Laura Catena and Anabelle Sielecki, she has helped to change the focus of the Argentina's centuries-old industry from quantity to quality. Inspired by the altitude of the Andes, the diversity of the grapes and a passion for what they do, the three women have brought back an artisanal approach to winemaking.

    France to lead European Electric Vehicle market

    The French believe passionately that a combination of innovative technology and responsible behaviour will deliver continued growth and higher standards of living for both present and future generations. With its ‘Green new deal’ France has proved to be serious and is becoming Europe’s leader in green business.

    Chile spices up economic recovery

    Chile experienced deep valleys and high mountains in 2010. Surprised by a financial crisis and struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami, the country was forced to form a bold and responsible plan for financing reconstruction. The recovery was steep and a prosperous future is awaiting for this country.

    Transfer, WWF-Adena and Depana participate in Spanish reforestation project

    On December 18th, TRANSFER Consultancy together with a group of volunteers from WWF-Adena and Depana, carried out reforestation activities in the Parc Natural de Collserola, close to Barcelona. The purpose of this event was the reforestation of a highly degraded area, were the soil quality is very poor and rocky.

    World record Christmas tree Rio de Janeiro

    In December, Rio de Janeiro lighted the largest floating Christmas tree in the world. The tree was constructed out of 530 tons of steel and stood on 11 pontoons. About 52 kilometers of cables were used for the light, powered by 7 biodiesel generators. The host city for the 2016 Olympic Games also offered a huge concert and fireworks on December 31st. 

    Country files update:

    As a registered reader you can freely access our country files. All files have been updated with new economic figures and market opportunities for the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico in Latin America, Benelux, France, Portugal and Spain in Europe. You can find the link to the page at the end of your email (below right).

    Trade missions:

    For all our Dutch readers we would like to bring your attention to our extensive trade mission agenda for 2011. A perfect opportunity to discover new export markets.

    News section:

    In our news section you can regularly find interesting articles about emerging sectors. Please visit our news page to remain updated on the opportunities for your business. Also available through RSS.