The Dutch Embassy in Spain and the Spanish Committee of IUCN invite you to plant a tree!

06.04.2011 By: Transfer Latin Business Consultancy

Sunday the 10th of April from 10:00 hrs. – until 13:00 hrs. the Dutch Embassy and IUCN invite you to participate in a reforestation project using the Groasis Waterboxx in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid).

This reforestation Project is an initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Spain, and is the first activity that forms part of ´la semana naranja´ the Orange Week that takes place in April in Madrid. During this week the Dutch Embassy stresses the importance of innovation and sustainability by organizing several events related to sustainable energy, responsible water use, literature, architecture, design and mobility. By organizing these events the Embassy hopes to create even more awareness of citizens and the local government of Madrid for the influences of climate change in Spain’s capital.

You can actively participate and by planting your own tree you will immediately make a real contribution to the environment. During this tree planting event, a total of 2,000 trees will be planted in an environment that is very dry and deals with a lot of erosion.

This event also forms part of the Iberclima project supported by the Ministry of Environment and specifically by its Office for Climate Change. Within Iberclima several reforestation and other climate change mitigation projects are undertaken within the Spanish territory. Its main aim is to inform and educate citizens about the real dangers of climate change and what can de done about it. Iberclima is led by the Spanish committee of IUCN, together with Fundación Naturaleza y Hombre, Nereo and press agency EFE.

We would love to count on your help and other members of your family, so that you will enjoy this day at the country-side together! The event is for free and includes some snacks and drinks.

Interested? Please send us an email ( with your contact details and the total number of people participating or call Sven Kallen (T. +34 93 272 47 90) The meeting point will be the Aula de la Naturaleza, at 500 meters walking distance from the parking of the Visitors Centre of the natural area of Alcalá de Henares (Highway M-300, in the direction of Alcala, opposite to the cemetery Jardin). For further details see also the map on the Spanish version of this invitation. 

Click here for the invitation in Spanish. And see below the video where Pieter Hoff explains why to join this event.