2010: Increase of foreign investments in France

11.04.2011 By: Transfer Latin Business Consultancy based on IFA report 2010

According to IFA (French Agency for International Investment) the amount of foreign companies in France that create jobs experienced a remarkable growth of 22% in 2010, or 782 projects. Compared to the years before, which can be defined as stable, this exponential growth is interesting. Mister David Appia, President of the French Agency for International Investment, confirms this: "More than 30.000 jobs were created or saved through these new investments.”

Although the world is still working at a slow and gradual economic recovery, France distinguishes itself by maintaining its strong global attraction. The IFA report of 2010 shows the main foreign investors in France. In the top ten of this ranking we find Germany (140 projects) and the United States (139 projects), followed by England (61 projects) and Italy (54 projects). Spain (45), Switzerland (39), Sweden (34), Belgium (30), China (30) and Japan (29) are completing the top ten.

But also the Dutch are still well represented in France (26 projects), with more than 2.500 establishments and a total amount of 390.000 employees. They are ranked 12th in this year’s list of foreign investments. Dutch investments have been decreasing a bit though: the total amount of Dutch investment projects changed from 30 to 26 in 2010. The number of jobs generated by these projects also declined and finished at 809 new or retained jobs. But France remains a popular country if we focus on Dutch projects in Europe: 21% of Dutch projects in fact take place in this country.

The Dutch focus lies on productive activities (38%) and business services (35%). Their presence in the sector consultancy, engineering and operational services has increased considerably with 31% of all Dutch investments in 2010, or 8 projects in that year. In fact, the Dutch represent 13% of all the foreign investments in this sector. Although Dutch companies are established throughout the French territory, most of their investments in 2010 were realised in the regions of Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes. 

The IFA report mentions that France has several interesting sectors to invest in. The country was ranked ahead of all other European countries for the number of investments attracted in industry and green technology, as well as for the number of jobs created by foreign investment in logistics and R&D. The survey also reported that 80% of the leaders of foreign companies based in France were satisfied with their investment, while 79% declared their intention to remain in the country.

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