TRANSFER newsletter Southern-Europe & Latin America (August 2011)

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After a Summer break it is time to get back to business. This update provides recent news and business opportunities in the countries we are active in. For example there is Brasil's call for suppliers of the construction sector, or Argentina's booming automotive industry. And what about France's kick off EURO 2016 preparations?

The first half year of 2011 Transfer Consultancy already organized four successful trade missions, incoming as well as outgoing. A delegation of Spanish/Portugese companies and government agencies from the aquaculture sector participated in a fact-finding mission to the Netherlands last February. Last May a Dutch delegation went to France in order to meet French medical counterparts. A group of Dutch companies discovered on site the business opportunities in Chilean primary horticultural regions past June while other Dutch companies in that same period discovered the agrologistic sector in Spain. Take a look at our agenda for future trade missions and other events, or for more information contact our office in Rotterdam or one of our local offices in Paris, Barcelona or São Paulo.


  • TRANSFER represents PromoMadrid
  • Kick off Euro2016 France
  • Opportunities construction sector Brazil
  • Argentina develops automotive parts industry
  • Chile attractive for retail
  • First penalty defeat Brazil in 16 years
  • World record Perrito calliente in Paraguay
  • Hot Valencia 

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TRANSFER representative of PromoMadrid

Transfer Consultancy has been appointed as PromoMadrid’s exclusive agent for the Brazilian market and will be responsible for identifying and supporting Brazilian companies interested in establishing themselves in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.

France: kick off Euro 2016 preparations

France started preparations for the UEFA 2016 European Football Championship. In total € 1,8 billion has to be invested in stadium infrastructure. TRANSFER supports companies interested in these stadium projects and is planning to organize a trip for subcontractors, suppliers and other parties operating in this sector during the first half of 2012.

Brazil - Opportunities in construction sector

An A.T. Kearney report finds that social housing “represents the vast majority of needs in emerging markets”. In Brasil there is 'The Minha Casa, Minha Vida' (MCMV) project, that provides unique opportunities for developers and builders. Recently MCMV received an large amount of new government funds.

Argentina’s boosts automotive parts industry

The Argentinean automotive parts industry dates back to more than 60 years ago and ranks second in the list of South American countries when it comes to production volume. There are commercial opportunities for auto parts that are not currently manufactured in Argentina and existing segments that need to be developed.

Chile: world’s third most attractive retail country

According to a study of AT Kearney analyzing the 30 developing countries with the most successful retail markets and biggest growth potential for the future, Chile's retail market came out third on the Global Retail Development Index (GRDI). Brazil, Uruguay and Peru are the other South American countries that are listed in the top ten of economies with the most important investment opportunities in developing countries.

First penalty defeat for Brazil in 16 years

0-2, it is hard to imagine this is the result of a penalty shoot out. Even more surprising is the fact that Brazil, that had won four of the last five Copa America tournaments, ended up being defeated by Paraguayan goalkeeper Justo Villar as early as in the quarter finals. Paraguay even advanced to the final of the Copa America 2011, in which it lost 3-0 to now 15 times Champion Uruguay.

World Record perrito caliente

It is known that Brazilians and Argentineans love their beef. But the world's biggest hot dog was made by neighbour Paraguay and measured 203 metres and 8 centimetres.
The 120 pound sausage was prepared by 245 persons and finally eaten by 2000 spectators. In every way a new Guiness Record.

Valencia: a City on fire

1 million visitors, 12.000 kilos of fireworks in just one night, a sudden temperature rise of several degrees, 40 tons of flowers and 7.500 tons of waste. Then spring must have arrived and Valencia is being given over to a carnival of bonfires, fiesta, fireworks and a healthy dose of satire known as Las Fallas, the fires. This festival in honour of Saint Joseph reflects the character of the Mediterranean city: loud, colourful and not afraid to show off. Don't miss the 2012 Fallas edition (March 16-19)!