Peru: International Airport Jorge Chavez leading in South America

01.11.2011 By: TRANSFER Consultancy, based on articles by Airport Technology

Lima Airport Partners (LAP) reports that The World Travel Awards has chosen Peru’s prime gateway, the International Airport Terminal Jorge Chavez, for the third consecutive year. The award is declared as the most complete and prestigious award in tourism according to The Wall Street Journal and is based on 213.000 votes from more than 160 countries.

The Jorge Chavez airport terminal is named as leading in South America and beats the airports of Brazil, Chile and Argentina. Moreover the airport terminal Jorge Chavez is nominated for being the world's largest airport terminal, together with seventeen other terminals worldwide, including airport terminals in Beijing (China), Johannesburg (South Africa), Sydney (Australia), Wellington (New Zealand) and Zurich (Switzerland). LAP sees the Award as a recognition of ten years of work and effort to transform the airport into a safe, efficient and modern terminal, offering passengers service and quality. The airport development, intended as a concentrated business venture, achieved to encourage both tourism and business visitors.

The economic growth in South America (about 3,9% per year) provokes a 7% increase of air traffic, predicted by Boeing already in 2010 (a growth well above the global average rate of 5%). In that same year the company forecasted to deliver an estimated 1.640 new aircrafts (worth USD 150 billion) to the region over the next two decades.

In Peru the rising investment contracts and improved trade business deals have been the main impetus behind the stabilized economy. The free-trade agreement with the USA and increased trade with China, Brazil and Chile have contributed to an increase in air travel of persons and goods. In 2009 during the global economic crisis, Peru had the best economic growth rate in Latin America. Today, the state of Lima (where the winning airport terminal is located) has been upgraded with assistance and experience of shareholders. The Jorge Chavez airport inspired local investment in the retail as well as in export and hospitality industries.

Further expansion works will be started early 2012, when a second passenger terminal will be built and a new landing strip will be added. The new H-shaped terminal complex will be developed between the runways to reduce passenger walking distance. The runway is scheduled to be operational by 2014 in time for the world cup, as more visitors are expected from Brazil. Lima Airport Partners (LAP) is carrying out the project, and expects an investment of more than USD 1 billion. Last June LAP received the land approval of 190.000 m² (located at the northern end) from the Ministry of Transportation. This Ministry has until 2013 to transfer all of the land needed for the expansion to LAP. The second runway Investment should prepare the airport for a capacity of 10 million passengers annually in the next three to four years.