To obtain data from Brazil: Some tricks

22.03.2012 By: Transfer Latin Business Consultancy

Finding the right data in Brazil, for example for writing your business plan, can be a bit like looking for a needle in a massive digital haystack, or will at least prove to be difficult and time consuming. TRANSFER has been providing its clients with customized market studies for 15 years. In this newsletter we reveal one of the ways by which to obtain specific sector information.

Brazil introduced a tool called Alice Web which can be useful for foreign companies that are interested in entering the Brazilian market. Alice Web uses data from the Brazilian Integrated System of External Trade (Siscomex), offering these companies specific and detailed information that can be applied in their business plan. Answers will be given to necessary questions like the size of the specific market/demand for a product, location of the consumer market (which states) for this product and competitors details (turnover and price range).

The online analysis system with information about external trade offers all statistics on Brazilian imports and exports. The database is monthly updated and shows one month’s history details. Access permission to Alice Web can only be obtained after account registration on The system will email the company’s’ login details that are necessary to activate the account.

  1. In order to obtain the information, click on the consultation button and choose the report you prefer. The statistics can be displayed in FOB values or quantities: exports, imports or trade balance.
  2. Once you opened this web page you can specify the search details. For example: After selecting imports 2011, one can choose to detail the information by specific items or products in general, by economic bloc, country, state and port or way of transport. The available information will be presented in monthly periods and are accumulated by year.
  3. If you like to receive/download an Excel-file with all the information, it will be sent in a Zip-folder to your personal email address.

In order to use Alice Web correctly and efficiently, you need to know the tax tariff code of the product of your interest. Information can be obtained by using 2, 4, 6 and 8 digits of the Harmonized System (HS). In Brazil the nomenclature for the classification of goods is based on the Mercosur nomenclature (NCM), based on the Harmonized System (HS). For an analysis for up to 8 digits, it is necessary to make the correlation between the national tariff and the Brazilian one. For the tariff code for Brazil you can be informed by Ministério da Fazenda

Step 1: Main Portal of the ‘Ministério da Fazenda’
Step 2: Customs and external trade
Step 3: TEC (Tarifa Externa Comum - Common External Tariff)
Step 4: Tabela da Tarifa Externa Comum (TEC)
Step 5: Tarifa Externa Comum – TEC – atalho para o Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior

An important feature of Alice Web is that the import and export statistics are obtained on different levels such as at the Brazilian Federal unit level (state) and municipality level (cities within the state). The information is also divided by ways of transport. All merchandize arrives in Brazil at the seaport and is transported to the different states by sea, river, lake, air, postal service, railway and road. Transport by road is the main way of transportation in Brazil. The length of Brazilian highways totals 1,7 billion km.

Off course this is only the beginning of thorough market research, which is so necessary for being successful in Brazil. Would you like to know more? Our experts will be happy to assist you.