Economic boost for marine industry Galicia

06.06.2012 By: Transfer Latin Business Consultancy

The chairman of the province of Galicia, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, has announced that he and the Mexican company Pemex have conducted an agreement for the construction of 14 tugboats. The construction of the boats will be done by local Galician shipbuilding companies. This means a step in the right direction since the current economic situation in Galicia is not doing so well.

The agreement states that half of the tugboats will be made by Galician shipbuilders and the other half will be constructed in a joint cooperation together with the Mexican company Pemex.
Obviously Feijoo is very pleased with this strategic alliance. He also looks at the possibilities for the future where Pemex may be able to use the outer harbor of A Coruña, which is about to be built in Punta Langosteira, and will serve as a logistical base in Europe.
This cooperation with Mexico will bring Galicia new opportunities and it will benefit the current economic situation.