Newsletter Q3 - 2007


Summer holidays are coming up, but Southern Europe's economies keep growing and presenting new market opportunities. In France, the new President Sarkozy is rapidly shaking things up and bringing new dynamism to the country. In the Latin markets meanwhile robust growth continues, on the back of high commodity prices and continuing political reform.

For this news letter we have changed the look & feel and added new items: we introduce a real life case study on how to enter a new market. Furthermore, we've added a trade fair & cultural agenda.

Under the following LINK you will find all this information, as well as our traditional news updates.

These highlights include: 

  • Spain: Barcelona improving its logistical hub function
  • Spain: EXPO Zaragoza taking off
  • Portugal: EU Presidency brings new dynamism
  • Portugal: New Lisbon airport finally advancing
  • France: Air-France & KLM, a good deal
  • France: Retail growth brings excellent opportunities
  • Argentina: Mrs Kirchner for President?
  • Argentina: Major jump in GDP
  • Brazil: automotive sector growing explosively
  • Brazil: Embrear taking over Brazilian aerospace
  • Chile: In search for gas
  • Mexico: Opportunities in Mexican private sector
  • Mexico: The capital's new Master Plan

    Find out more about upcoming missions in our updated agenda or mail us at the below address.

    On behalf of the Transfer-team, we wish you an enjoyable read, and hope you enjoy your summer holidays!

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