TRANSFER Newsletter Southern-Europe and Latin America (September 2012)

Earlier this year we have already informed you about the six successful trade missions TRANSFER Consultancy organized in the first half of 2012, among which the matchmaking we were responsable for during the economic mission to Brasil with Minister Schultz van Haegen. In the second half of 2012 we have planned another five missons and will be responsable for the matchmaking for companies who will participate in the economic mission to Brazil with Their Royal Highnesses Prince Willem-Alexander of Oranje and Princess Maxima of the Netherlands. Take a look at our agenda for future trade missions and other events, or for more information contact our office in Rotterdam or one of our local offices in Paris, Barcelona, Mexico D.F. and São Paulo.

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  • Mexico: Growing Market for Sports Equipment
  • Colombia: Oil & Gas Update
  • France’s first bio supermarket
  • Peru & Ecuador: Among fastest growers worldwide until 2050
  • Spain invests €1.5m in Aquaculture!
  • Colombia: high priority investments in pipeline for infrastructure
  • France: intelligent tennis racket
  • Brazilian streetart in São Paulo

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Mexico: Growing Market for Sports Equipment

Mexico represents the largest sports market in Latin America. Consumer expenditure on sports activities - including apparel - is a US$ 4.18 billion market that employs over 200,000 persons and grew with an annual 3.5% between 2003 and 2010.

Colombia: Oil & Gas Update

By providing insight into the quantity of its natural oil and gas reserves, Colombia became a hot topic worldwide. In 2007 the country proved to have sufficient oil reserves and natural gas reserves, enough to be considered one of the largest oil and gas deposits in Latin America.

France’s first bio supermarket

 This year Auchan opened its first organic supermarket in Bretigny-sur-Orge (Paris) with a sales area of 1,000 square meters. Auchan, one of the top 5 giants in the French distribution market, aims for a bigger share in the organic market and plans to create a chain of supermarkets in this segment.

Peru & Ecuador: Among fastest growers worldwide until 2050

A HSBC Global Research report showed that of all Latin American countries Peru and Equador most likely will be the fastest to climb up the world ranking list in the next 40 years. Together with Bolivia the Latin American economies will grow rapidly until 2050, with a growth percentage above the average of 5%. More

Spain invests €1.5m in Aquaculture!

Basque-based researchers AZTI-Tecnalia will oversee two bluefin tuna projects to provide independent estimates of stock numbers and mortality rates. A key 2012 initiative 80 percent co-funded by the European Union, the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) selected AZTI-Tecnalia to lead the projects...

Colombia: high priority investments in pipeline for infrastructure

In order to be able to economically compete, infrastructure investments are needed in Colombia. According to unofficial estimates by the Ministry of Transport about USD 26 billion will be reserved for infrastructure projects in the near future. Read more

France: intelligent tennis racket

World-class tennis players seem to have a new toy: the Play-and-Connect tennis racket of the French company Babolat. This special designed tennis racket is packed with sensors and electronics that capture the actions of the player and forwards the information wirelessly or by using a USB key to a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Brazilian streetart in São Paulo

Call Parade is an ongoing public art project in São Paulo sponsored by Brazilian telecommunications firm Vivo, that paired 100 artists with 100 street-side phone booths giving them free reign to transform the peculiar hooded fixtures into anything imaginable.