Medellín: World Economic Forum on Latin America (Juni 15-17)

12.04.2016 Auteur: Embajada de Colombia, La Haya – Los Países Bajos

The World Economic Forum on Latin America brings together leaders from all sectors, as well as academic thought leaders and millennials, to explore how a new prosperity agenda can be actively shaped. Returning to Colombia and hosted in the city of Medellín, the meeting gathers at a remarkable place and time: Medellín’s transformation over the past two decades is a stark example of successful 21st-century urban innovation. At the same time, Colombia is close to a historic accord that promises opportunities for sustained peace, economic progress and social inclusion. These inspiring achievements teach valuable lessons and are a reminder that socio-economic advances require constant attention as well as concerted and strategic action. 

The meeting agenda will integrate the following key issues:

  • Navigating regional and global priorities
  • Strengthening regional resilience
  • Leading for a prosperous future

To create meaningful dialogue and debate, the programme will feature innovative formats that aim to generate insight, spark inspiration and drive impact for participants.

Plenary sessions feature senior government officials and business leaders, cover broad issues related to the meeting’s theme and provide the conceptual framework for further discussion.
Interactive sessions pursue topics related to the pillars of the programme in greater depth and are structured around a panel, bringing together expert views and contrasting perspectives.
Televised sessions raise awareness of important trends and debates by broadcasting the discussion to a global audience.
Arena sessions promote a dialogue among panellists by placing them in the centre of the room.
One-on-one sessions invite an inspiring individual from business, government, academia or civil society to share insights on an idea for an important transformation occurring in our lifetime.
Solutions sessions highlight the creative approaches taken by the Forum’s communities to solve certain intractable issues.
Transformation Hub explores actions to address the region’s most pressing challenges in the context of global transformations.
WorkStudio sessions are facilitated group discussions focusing on a compelling challenge or complex issue. The rooms are set up to allow maximum interaction among participants.

Practical information

Where will the meeting take place?
The meeting will take place at the Hotel Intercontinental, Medellín, Colombia.
Where will I stay?
A block reservation has been made. You will receive a hotel booking form upon confirmation of your registration.
What does registration include?
The registration includes access to all sessions, including plenaries, interactive sessions, workshops, lunches and dinners.
What is the working language of the meeting?
The official language of the meeting is English. Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish and Portuguese will also be available for some sessions.
By when do I need to register?
The deadline for inclusion in the printed Participants Booklet is Monday 16 May 2016. We therefore recommend you register before this date. When you register you will receive access to TopLink, the Forum’s online collaboration and interaction platform.
Who do I contact for more information?
Participant Services Team
Tel.: +41 (0)22 869 1209
Fax: +41 (0)22 594 8119

More information: click here

Contact details Embassy of Colombia

Maria Alejandra Páez Gómez
Second Secretary – Head of the Economic Section
Embassy of Colombia, The Hague – The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)70 361 45 45 (EXT. IP 4018)