Groei Spaanse meubelsector overtreft verwachtingen

18.07.2008 Auteur: Transfer gebaseerd op artikel El País

Despite the slowing world economy and the crisis in the construction sector, the Spanish furniture sector has experienced a healthy growth in the past year. Until now, the influence of the crisis on the sector was not as strong as expected, possibly because the reaction on the strong growth of the construction sector in the years before did not cause the sales to increase as much as expected. That being said, we shouldn´t forget that there are 4 million empty houses without furniture today.

The furniture sector has reacted positively to the slowing of the economy in contrast with other sectors, like the construction and the automotive sector, which have seen their sales drop with many percentage points. The Spanish production of furniture in 2007 increased to € 8.606 million, approximately 0,88% of BNP.

National companies exported furniture with a total value of € 1.704,6 million in 2007, an increase of 16,1% compared to 2006. The main destinations for export where France, United Kingdom and Portugal. At the same time the import of furniture added up to a total of € 3.045 million, an increase of 30,8% compared to 2006.

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